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March 18, 2014


Janna Morrell

Wow, Julie! What a challenge!! In your researching have you found out anything that can be done for him? Would diet changes or therapy help him? It seems like with the advances in science and medicine there would be even some theories that may help. I subscribe to Dr Daniel Amen's FB page. He is a renowned brain research scientist. I'll see if he has any thoughts on this. I also see that of all the people who could have been his parents he was blessed to come to you and Brock! Good luck!!! Janna

Julie Stout

Jana ~ We all went gluten free last summer to see if that would help his symptoms. It did help him, but not as much as we might have hoped. Still a little help is good. And the side benefit was that it completely turned my health around. Right now the only mainstream medical treatments involve heavy duty brain medications with a lot of negative side effects. And they don't always even work. So we are looking at other options first. One doctor has had great success by teaching children with Tourette's to do self hypnosis. That is encouraging. We are looking into that.

Karen Ouska

Julie, I am glad you have a name to what has been a frustrating search for answers on how to best help your son.Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Gloria Rodenberg

How wonderful that you figured it out and can now research and get some answers/help. We will be praying for you! Hugs for Noah-man

Reiko Tsuchida

Hi Julie, in here Japan, some doctors say those symptoms will be toned down by checking blood and finding any luck of minerals or vitamins in our body. Once, my body was very tired everyday and kind of depressed, I found out I was luck of iron and essential fatty acid which is very difficult to take from food. That time I was searched those kind of health matter and found out what some doctors say like this http://www.orthomolecular.jp/treat/tic/

Hope you can find something good for him and your family! I was healthy when I live without wheat and my cramps gone. Since then understood that our body is affected by essential nutrient and what we eat. Now I want to try something new: http://jp.iherb.com/Hyland-s-NuAge-Bioplasma-125-Tablets/3808

maybe easier than not eating any bread...

Julie Stout

Hi Reiko! We started eating gluten free last summer in hope that it would help Noah's symptoms. And it has helped him - not as much as we hoped, but it has helped. It also turned my health around. I have been developing some serious health problems over the years with autoimmune symptoms, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, IBS, and many other symptoms. Because we started eating gluten free for Noah, all of my health problems have improved, and some have gone away completely. That has been such a blessing. We will continue to search for help and answers in any way we can and appreciate you sharing your ideas!

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