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July 25, 2011


Mary Smith

I think both of your pictures are luscious! I can't remember if your secondary type is a 4 -- I love that you color code your laundry. I have a system, but it's different than yours. So did your shiso come back up? I accidentally "weeded" a few, but quickly tried to replant them. They're hanging on. I love that woman's attitude -- she doesn't she ashamed!


Our Shiso is thriving, and even taking over one end of our garden. We lost our red shiso though. Tomorrow some neighbors are going to come and get a start to take to their son & his Japanese wife. Yes, I'm a secondary 4. How are you and your baby?


That sounds very domestic!
yesterday I cleaned out the muck down the bathtub drain. It made me feel very accomplished... especially when the water went immediatly down the drain.

Emily House

I am pretty sure you made Brock's dreams come true when you figured out how to vacuum seal chocolate chips. Are m&m's on the list too?

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