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May 18, 2010



What a wonderful post. Your girls are great! They are such a good example to those around them, including me. I so agree with you that I would much rather have my kids bagging down the bathroom door and being constantly at my side then having "Me time." I love our "We time"


i cried mommy schmoopsie

David Limburg

I can't get my cursor to turn into a 'hand' when I try to click on 'subscribe'.

I love reading your stuff, when I remember to. I'd like to subscribe, and be reminded.



You are very blessed, it's good to know there are wonderful people growing up in this crazy and somewhat misled world we live in. (you don't know me but i bought something from your ebay store and followed the links to your blog. I am going to nauvoo in a week and so I was very curious--too bad you don't have a "hard copy" store, or do you? that is what i wanted to find out.) Thanks--Beth

Mary Smith

Oh, oh, oh. You pegged it.

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