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September 09, 2009



I have always made cold lunches off and on but starting 3 years ago We went 100% cold lunches. I agree with you that they are fun to make.I Leave for work before anyone in my family is up so I feel the same as you do that is a way for me to let the kids know I am thinking of them. I have had a lot of fun experimenting with different lunches too. We will have to exchange lunch ideas. It sounds like you have a ton from your lunch days in Japan.

gina russon

Can you imagine that japanese school telling natalie to do that? Ha! I would like to be there to hear natalie tell them about reality. (pretend film playing in my mind)
I am doing jakeys cold lunches, and I am just keeping it simple. Meat and cheese, with a baggy of grapes. He will have that until the grapes are gone, then we will do something dif. Give me some of your ideas, not the octopus ones though. Jakey will not eat pband j or peanut butter and honey.


I want to know if you hire out your services and if you can deliver to Utah. My boys beg for home lunch and I just can't do it... Really... I can't...

Emily House

We have done cold lunch for 2 years now. Hot lunch IS so gross, I agree and so expensive. Although cold lunch is a lot of work. Sometimes, if I remember, I will pack everything the night before besides the sandwich, so that saves time. Our morning routine has gotten tricker adding Ryan and now that Andy goes to morning Kindergarten. That felt lunch looks pretty good, especially the oreo!

This girl loves to Talk

you go girl!! no such thing here, so we have lunch from home everyday! There is a tuck shop though to buy the odd foods (hot dogs, pies etc) but no cafeteria's in ANY schools in Australia

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