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June 26, 2009


mary day

Im glad you got them before the birds! I love mulberries too. I don't even mind the purple stained hands-well not bad enough to stop eating them. sounds like you made good use of the ones you had.Enjoy!

Lee Ann

Hi, can you post your mulberry jam recipe? Is it freezer jam? I only know how to do freezer jam and I am looking for a way to use all those mulberries besides making pies. THANKS.

This girl loves to talk

mulberries grow very easily in australia but arent sold at the shops.. you gotta pick them off the side of the road :)

we picked a bunch from a friends farm and i made a syrup/jam type thing and we just used it as a sauce for icecream!! very YUMMY!

a friend puts hers in Muffins.. I find pies go very watery, sloppy from the mulberry juice.

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