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May 22, 2009


Jill Mulder

I don't think I could do it! I love her hair the way it is. I can see why you might be tempted for the future, but I still think I would cry and regret it every time I saw her if I was her mommy.


Hey Julie! Gracie is such a cutie and I can definitely relate to your dilemma. My Shaylie had almost no hair at all until she was almost 3. It grew SO slowly and would break off SO easily...it never grew past her collar in all that time. We never shaved her head, but we did cut it occasionally, just the ends though to discourage breakage. After 3, her hair started growing very well. And now, at 9, she has a thick full head of hair. It's hard to believe I ever despaired. Hang in there, Grace looks so adorable now and time will tell if you need more drastic measures.

Mary Smith

Oh, I wouldn't do it to my daughter, but I think YOU should do it. I am just kidding! You should do whatever you want. I was just saying you should because you kind of sound like you want to.

Mary Smith

And I LOVE that picture!

mary day

My oldest daughter Sarah had hair just like Gracie.I couldn't have cut her hair. Even when her hair was hardly there It was so cute just like graceis. It was very blond and thin even as she got older. Her poor little head would sunburn because of it. When she started getting too old for bonnet to protect her head (about age two) I started putting sun screan lotion all over her head every day.The aloe and vit E seemed to help her hair grow faster. By the time she was three she had the cutiest golden curls. ( still fine but much thicker and very cute)Gracei is fair skined like Sarah, and with so fine thin hair just make sure her cute little head doesn't get burnt.

Emily House

Livia has the same hair. It didn't grow long enough to look like a girl until she was 4. Then her and her friends played beauty shop and cut it all off. So sad. Her hair is getting thicker every day, but can't compare to Arik's thick locks. Why don't you try it out on Lexi first. ha ha

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