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April 15, 2009


gina russon

I love that picture and your comment of the black and pink dresses vs. blue.
I love my nieces and nephew. I am crying right now just thinking of you guys. I am not very stable today, maybe I should be let out in public. Unfortunate cub scouts will have to have me anyway. Julie you are so good to tashi to get her that dress, and lexi's too. Have fun with your birthdays week! Give mia and noah a birthday hug from me, and I mean it, don't forget.

Jill Mulder

I love the dresses! The girls all look so pretty!


It looks like your girls had so much fun! What a great activity and opportunity for your YM/YW.

Mary Smith

I love that vintage dress!!!! Now I know where to look in the future. All of the photos are wonderful -- and, what? no decolletage?

this girl loves to talk

love love this too cute :) all we have here in australia is Priests and Laurels Ball.. usually a multistake event there are about 6/7 stakes in the city i live

love their sleeves.. yes i think girls only wear sleeveless sometimes as it seems to be the only option in the shops!! terrible i say

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