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April 04, 2009



I would love to learn how to Bottle more. And the whole chicken and beans would be perfect for me since I hate cooking any kind of meat(I dont mind eating it though) and dont think far enough ahead to make beans.

gina russon

I think that is awesome... all that canning.
I also didn't know that your old bishop was the one called. Way NEAT!
Now one day we will hear him speak in conference maybe? We miss you guys and you know those homemade christmas gifts? If you have us one year you can give me some of your bottled chicken. Have a good conference day . I don't know if you used that packet we gave you. we played bingo with jelly beans and the boys loved it. Ben was pretty much incoherent. But jacob was even catching a few words spoken. And they are getting obsessed with coloring the ties of the apostles, jacob even started crying because he thought he missed one.

Jeni Owen

I'm so jealous of those flowers and signs of life! Things are still as dead and brown as can be here. This morning we woke up to three inches of snow! The funny thing is that even though it's April, I'd rather see the beautiful snow than everything so brown and bleak. I enjoyed your spring pictures. Thank you. I needed it!

Mary Smith

Lovely flowers, lovely beans, lovely chicken, lovely girls, and lovely words.


your whole post was filled with mormon goodness. I love being mormon.

Mary Smith

Hi again. I have been pondering beans. I had no idea they get hard so it is imperative that you give me a tutorial on canning beans. I feel it in my bones that it has now officially been too long since we've seen you. We need to plan a visit.

This Girl Loves to Talk

i would love to know how to can chicken.. it scares me... we dont even have canned chicken in the stores here...so I just think it would be salmonella?? anyways looks yum.. i love beans, and I too always used canned from the store... I forget to use dried ones

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