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March 12, 2009



That is such a great story. I am so glad you listened to the Spirit and stayed to wait for Noah. And so grateful to all the happenings to bring Noah to our family. Shingo sounds like a neat person and a great example for our Noah. Yay!

gina russon

This made me cry. Dang.
I wish I could meet shingo. That statue of joseph and hyrum is neat, we have a mini mini statue of the same thing.

Jeni Owen

I enjoyed this post so much because it's nice to know more about your life in the time we were not in touch with you (between Tokyo 3rd and now). What an amazing experience. I understand those deep spiritual feelings about your family and other people that are hard to explain, but you know are so real.

Mary Smith

I love this post. I love those glimpses of future potential!

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