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March 03, 2009


Mary Smith

I love the pantaloons -- so fresh and pretty! It is surprising how things that seem tedious can really be enjoyable because they bring you to the essence of things. I know this is REALLY strange, but cloth diapering has been that oddly enjoyable experience for me. I love the wording in the book! That is how I think, but it seems awkward to write that way.


mary, i know that you think that way, and i love you for it. it does seem awkward to write that way, but it is how i want to write (even though i don't think that way as well as you do), inserting commas every few words. i am always having to stop myself from filling sentences with commas.


oh! and i would LOVE to see your flower garden quilt from the 30s!!!!


oh wow! that is So neat! I so wish you could have taught me more about sewing before you moved acrossed the US..lol I hate patterns (they confuse me...I confuse easy) so I do alot of things I can do quickly and easily...I dont dare to make pants of any sort but I want to. aww how fun Im impressed


They look so cute. I so love the hand stiching. I just tink it adds a charm that a machine can't.Like you I love sewing surrounded by family instead of by myself in front of a sewing machine. I do love both of them and have to admit even when you sew with a machine you make it look like it is stiched with love.The girls will be charming, like they stepped out of 1840 when they have them on.

Jill Mulder

Ohhhhhhh. These are SO precious!

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