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March 13, 2009



ugh...ouch t just makes me all achy lookin at those pictures. Poor guy. Im glad everything turned out okey but it's too bad it had to happen. Tell him we wish him well.


holy cow... wow... that is insain!! i cant believe he was calm through that!!!! I would have been freaking about!! Hope your o.k. brother stout!!


Looks so painful! That is one boo boo that takes more then a kiss to make better. I hope he heals up and feels better fast.

Mary Smith

Did you have to put the pictures up? My hands hurt now -- sympathy, sympathy!!! Tell Brock we're thinking of him. I am glad that his recovery is going smoothly.

This Girl loves to Talk

oh my.. that looks scarey!! was there no blood? is this is the cleaned up version?


no blood until the nail came out!

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