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February 23, 2009


Emily House

Pretty freaky thunder. We had a neighbor (about 2 1/2 blocks away) blow up his home. One of my young women lived next door and her home was severely damaged. It was pretty scary. I felt our windows shake and I could see the flames above the homes between us. No one was hurt, not even the arsonist, because he ran out. He had been trying to kill himself.

Mary Smith

Wow! Those are amazing stories! So did the guy get arrested? And that is amazing about the little boy. I probably wouldn't have stopped. I tend to think someone else will step in -- I guess that is why it helps to listen to inspiration. And yes, the storms here are killer! I have thought those same things and also the amount of water coming down -- crazy! Us Utah girls aren't used to that kind of precipitation!

This Girl Loves to Talk

funny to read what a dangerous place you live in ;) ha hahahah

and that poor boy.. when one of my kids was around 3 she wandered off while we were on holiday... we realized not long after and frantically searched for her.. the country road we were near - the locals drove very fast on.. in the distance we saw a man carrying something lying down.. we honestly thought our daughter might be dead!! he said he saw a little girl along the road in the bushes and thought it odd... he stopped picked her up and started walking against the direction she was going.. hoping to find her parents... what luck.. what if she had stumbled into a dam, or been hit by a car.. or stolen by some sicko.. we would never have known were she was...

it was a blessing you found that boy

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