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January 14, 2009


This Girl Loves to Talk

love this post!! I have been to the nauvoo pagent.. how exciting for your family!! and how scarey about your husband on the flight!! why was the person so violent?? wierd.. I supose some people don't like to fly!!

Jill Mulder

Thanks for the updates. It's fun to hear what you are all up to, and your blog is so cheery. That's a tough one about the play. We are experiencing the same feelings, and wouldn't have let Jordan try out at the time if it had been any other play. He also has basketball going on right now, as well as four college classes. Stress.


hey hey hey now

you make it sound like i'm going after a guy like willoughby. i'm not. i just think it would be romantic to die for love.

and if you were as stressed out as i was...


how exciting! The pageant! Can't wait to see you in it! The rest of everything we can talk later- too funny!


Life and Kids--they're the best.

Mary Smith

I definitely need to hear MORE about EVERYTHING. Love this post. We need to talk soon.

Emily House

It sounds like you all know each other very VERY well. When will your parents be in the pageant? How long will they be staying with you and such? I miss your kids more now. Dang it. Tell them to stop being so cute.

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