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November 25, 2008


David Limburg

Do you remember when we were in Gettysburg in '88? There I bought that large poster of the Gettysburg Address superimposed over scenes from Lincoln's life. It hung in our entryway for a number of years. One of the kids, probably Jill, has it now, I think.

Lincoln has been a lifetime hero of mine, also, at least since I took that class in the Hisory of the Civil War at the U in '68.


This Girl Loves to Talk

I just bought out our fisher price nativity set today. :) my girls LOVE IT... that thanksgiving one isnt available here, but it is cute.

my 2 year old has been playing all day with the nativity and the angel when pressed down on the roof it plays silent night.. what sweet babies we have :)

Julie Stout

i bought the nativity set too bobbie, but my kids don't know it yet....i'm glad to hear that your kids enjoy it so much, hope mine will too.

Mary Smith

What a great quote from Lincoln. I love him, too. I am regretting that I was too stressed about the baby sleeping and getting food ready to really express our thanks and gratitude at dinner :( We found your bench so that the pilgrims and indians can eat properly again. I need to talk to you more about the people code...

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