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November 17, 2008


Mary Smith

You are amazing! Those are all so beautiful. I, too, really like to do things like that, but feel like right now isn't my time. Someday...

David Limburg

We have a young crabapple tree out by the pond, as you know. A few years back we had a bumper crop, for the size of the tree. I went to the Internet and found a simple recipe for crabapple jelly, and bottled several 1/2 pts. As I recall, it was just crabapples, water, and lots of sugar, boiled together for a long time. It was good. Apparently, crabapples are one of the few fruits that have enough pectin within them that they don't require any added pectin in order to make jelly or jam, as long as they're cooked long enough.

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