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November 13, 2008


This Girl Loves to Talk

we just saw the movie at an enrichment night.. I cried and cried.. I was like dont turn the lights back on when it was finished!!

it was beautiful beautiful.. but was wrecked when the lady running the night was all like.. "well you know she made bad choices after joseph died.. I hope she does get wants she wants.. because she might not etc"

it was terrible that someone would say that after such an emotional spiritual activity.. it really dampened it.. but anyway the movie was wonderful... I didn't know there was a book.. it would probably be even better


Bobbie, I agree that those were terrible things to say, and that we shouldn't judge her for any of the choices she made, because we can't imagine what she went through. It particularly breaks my heart that she was pregnant when Jospeh died, in addition to all of her losses and pain. I love Emma, and I think she did what was right for her, or what she was capable of at the time. A lot of good has come from her choices.....much of importance has been preserved because she stayed in Nauvoo.....

Also, the descendants of Joseph & Emma will not come to accept the gospel in large numbers until we as a church let go of the criticisms and judgments towards Emma.

Did you know that a large number of their descendants live in Australia? My friend Kim and her family members who are descendants of Joseph & Emma recently traveled to Australia to show the film to descendants who live there and have no idea who Joseph & Emma are.



also....the book doesn't tell the story of her life, but the story of her descendants and experiences and feelings with and towards emma. very interesting.


there is a second movie in the making....about emma's life after the martyrdom.

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