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October 08, 2008


Mary Smith

Those are all so totally cute!!!


I am beginning to wonder if I should celebrate halloween..

I am thinking of doing a post on it.. all these lovely decorations I am spotting around the net are making me jealous...

but you see I am torn...

here we are pretty much told halloween is evil.. and that many people here cant believe that LDS in american actually celebrate halloween... my mother would always gasp in horror at halloween activities in the friend magazine..

So i did some research looked up lots of info and many sites about "can christians celebrate halloween?" most said no (ethically speaking) but I found a few that came up with ok reasons

the only reason I can see I might do something is that Halloween was originally irish (takes to the USA by Irish immigrants) and that my grandfathers family are irish... thats the only link I have so far...

hmmm also it isnt autumn here.. so the decorating wouldnt be the same ...

mmmmmm sorry for this long comment.. I might do a blog post on this subject after all :)


I love all the pictures of your decorations. Way cute!!! I especially like the one that says:
"You can't scare me
I have teenagers"!
Too funny.

Sounds like you're having a great time there in Nauvoo. I wish we could live there, too. :(

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