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October 05, 2008



are you able to watch it at home in nauvoo too?? Just tell your children how blessed they are!! (well it would have been the same in japan as australia I suppose) but I kinda dred conference because my little children cant sit still and if we end up in the parents room all is lost because you are in there with 20 or so other noisy kids you cant hear anyway!!

we watch conference next weekend but my husband and I have watched a few on the internet and will be for FHE tonight


yes, it sounds like japan was the same as australia. we would get the broadcast a week later, and we would try to make it to at least two sessions at the stake center, because our stake president wanted us to, but we dreaded it too. noah was absolutely incapable of holding still for more than 15 seconds. so we would watch most of it on the internet at home....but it just wasn't the same as on tv at home. we do get conference in nauvoo, via cable. we were most surprised and delighted.

Jeni Owen

I LOVE Conference for the same reasons you do. I have to comment about the "greater Kansas City area" temple. We caught that too, but if you aren't familiar with the midwest, I'm not sure you would catch it. I looked on Deseret News and didn't see anything about it either. Hmmmm. We'll see!

Mary Smith

I *love* conference, too! We sometimes do puzzles, but "putting everything in his mouth monster" made that impossible this year.

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