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September 20, 2008


Emily House

#1 Mountain Dew renal failure? GROSS!!
#2 SNL has done a skit about how the media is in love with barack obama. They make jokes like obamaniac and "having a barack-attack." Definately one-sided media.
#3 We watched that skit too. So hilarious. Adam heard SNL was playing on the flight Palin was on and that one of the flight attendants said she was not very happy about the impression. I wonder how I would react? Would I be offended, or amused and honored? Hard to say. I love it when someone that has been made fun of on SNL will come on as a guest and laugh at themselves along with the rest of us.
Thanks, I liked this post.


mountain dew in australia is not caffinated.. but these stats are enough to put you off your soda!! ha hahah.. we only have soda at family parties or holidays so it should be ok...

I also read somewhere about oteoporosis...

it was that why the country with the highest milk consumption (USA) also has the highest rate of osteoporosis????

because of all the soda they drink negates the calcium in the dairy products..


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