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July 31, 2008


Jeni Owen

Wow! What amazing experiences you are having! I can visualize your post so well since we were just there. I hope the 'magic' of Nauvoo doesn't wear off over time. That is so exciting to find out where your relatives owned property! I'm sure it brings you that much closer to them. So cool!


I have been to Nauvoo and to that pagent!! Is Nauvoo near anywhere?? It seemed to me to be in the middle of nowhere.. but I bet there must be other towns near by.... I was a little disorented being on the bus, and being australian having no clue where I was... I didnt really like the look of most of Missouri.. so where you are living is nice??


actually it was 3 years ago.. so i think everyone was excited for the new pagent... we also went to the hill cumorah pagent.. that was cool...

my travelblog is here if you have time to read (ie i doubt it with having teenagers and babies ;)


and go back to my first entry to see my trip to the states doing a church sites tour

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