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June 13, 2008



Gracie is more beautiful each day...even sick! I LOVE Lexis short hair! She looks so grown up. We are counting days! We drove by your house last night, in between the Sunset by the Mississippi program and the BYU Intl Folk Dancers. You are going to love all the programs in the summer that are free in Nauvoo.


I will be giving away in a drawing

10, 2x2 inch squares out of my favorite fabric

If you comment on my post, your lovely name will have a chance to be drawn. I'll pick the name on Monday, the winner can pick whether they'd like a colorful 30's repro set, pastel repros, or a brown, pink, blue, and green set. You could use it for a charm quilt, scrapbooking, or cards. Hope the rest of your week is good. I can't wait to see who the winner is!!! If it goes well, I'll do it again.

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