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June 21, 2008



Hey Julie...I just found your comment on my techfamily.com page...My new blog is tonyajez.blogspot.com Can I add you to my blog roll too? See you next week!


you are finally done with the stupid thing aha
like it's good that you got paid for it,
but honestly i would try and fix it myself if i was them instead of waiting forever and having to pay a lot
and i thought she was so "good" at quilting

Sorry, venting about that evil quilt
you can quilt what you want now!!! hooray!!!


Is the money worth it or is it the satisfaction in repairing something that is antique? I am glad you have the patience. Looks really neat.


em, the money is ok - i charged them a lot. and i do love working with antiques. but i discovered that i don't want to take on another restoration project that is this big, at least not for a while.

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