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March 04, 2007



CONGRATULATIONS!!!! A GIRL! I guess I haven't checked your blog in awhile! hello! I LOVED the updates, and especially seeing you as the CUTEST pregnant lady ever! Guam pics made me so homesick too. Your posts are so cool, I am going to go back and read thru them again! I am glad you reminded me about hina matsuri also- I can never remember the dates of any japanese holidays etc. talk soon!


I wish you were a quilter when I was a baby...

Emily House

A few years ago, my favorite scrapbooking tool was a pen. I loved to write and decorate with all different colors. For the past couple of years, my favorite has switched to paper. They make such cute paper now. I love coordinating the colors and patterns and using different layouts on my pages. And now I realize that quilting would probably be a huge interest to me because it has the same coordinating fun, but I don't know if I have the patience or ability to sew nicely enough to make it look straight and nice.
I really like what you have done with this quilt. LOVE IT!


poor lexi! but at least i've taught you how to make your own quilts...

em, i'm sure you would love quilting, and it actually doesn't take that much patience or ablility - really!

thanks for your sweet comment gloria!

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