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March 09, 2007



I have been going thru those same (midlife crisis?:) questions also.At my checkup before I turned 40, I made my doctor tell me that I could have a baby if I wanted to. He said YES, and then asked me if I wanted to. I said NO, I think I am done. I just wanted to know that I still could, IF I wanted to! How's that for confusing? Yes, we could talk for hours about teens thru toddlers in the same house! WE have a college student, adopted son, living with us this year, so it is even crazier. 5 kids in 5 schools, and one toddler at home. I have felt exhausted, but at the same time, exhilirated (sp?). I love this stage in my life. I love older kids who can reason and talk and hang out, and yet I love having my 2 younger boys still want to cozy and read books and depend on me. 40 is the best age I've hit so far! And having kids when we are healthy and so blessed, is the best part! You go girl! Utah culture is just weird about childbirthing to begin with! It is NOT the norm! was your exact age when I had Landon, & it was great:)


PS Her face is SO cute! Any names yet? Gloria is nice. Or maybe Leigh? My middle name...haha

Mandee Grant

Jill Stout... it's nice to meet you over blogging. I loved reading about you and your family. Congrats on your baby- she is beautiful!

I was just telling my husband last night that I thought I might want 1 more baby. Jack is 7 months, and it makes me so sad to think that he is my last. I am 32, and I think maybe in 3 years, I could handle another baby- which would be #6. Who knows. I agree with Gloria... Utah is sooooo not the norm.

Thanks for commenting, and I will be checking in on you in Japan!

Emily House

I am a little jealous of your massage. What a great idea! Maybe during also so you can relax and speed up labor.

My "plan" for life was to start having kids around 30, but at the rate I am going, I will be done having kids by 30. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun and irresponsibility during my 20's. While you are young and thin, etc. But, at the same time, this way, I will have that time while I am still young, know who I am, have money (supposedly) and know what I want to do with my time. We could be empty-nesters before I turn 50!
I agree that you can't compare with the different cultures. Japan expects you to have 1 or 2 kids in your 30's or 40's and on the other end of the spectrum...it is very normal to be in my position living in Utah.

I am just so excited for you! How crazy to be pregnant again after 14 years! Yay!

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