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March 13, 2007



I so wish i was there to get into quilting with you. i just tried my first pattern in the machine quilting part of a baby quilt to donate. Since I'm new & using a template etc...it's been tedious, but looks good. Now I'm starting to think about a new machine which would be good for quilting/patterns. What do you suggest?


Too many projects...you still have NEVER commented on my blog!!!!!


i would like a new machine too. pfaff, husquevarna/viking, and bernina have the best reputations, but also the highest costs. i would look for a machine that has a dual feed or walking foot - this helps a lot when machine quilting straight lines, and also with piecing. also look for a machine with good free-motion quilting features. bernina claims to have a feature that keeps your stitch length even when free-motion quilting. but i haven't tried it. several machine makers have a feature where you can lower and raise the needle with your knee - hands free- which makes free-motion quilting easier. you don't need a lot of fancy stitches or features, just a few important ones.

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