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February 02, 2007



hilarious...and how nice that she thinks you look more soft and feminine. What if you didn't and then had a girl anyway! Hey, Dave Ives, Heather's husband had a heart attack Sunday, at 38yrs old! yikes. he's recovering fine, but had some damage.


good point about looking more feminine, lol! i heard about dave from, surprise!, kelly's blog. lexi (our blog-a-holic) wandered onto her blog from yours or heather's the other day, and showed it to me. i love her blog! such yuummy crafts, beautiful photos, darling little girl, "happy little life", and similarities to your personality, etc.

dave's heart attack sounds surprisingily similar to my dad's last summer, from the clogged artery and stint to the way he handled it. and they're both doctors....interesting. how scarey at 38!!!!! we are so glad to hear that he is recovering well, and are keeping them in our prayers.

my dad has done really well since his heart attack, and my parents are planning on submitting their mission papers next week, somthing they didnt' know if they could do after her cancer and his heart attack.

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